Smartphone Training

Enabling Independence and connectivity for people with vision impairment through learning smartphones

Singapore background, VI gentleman with a guide dog, navigating with his smartphone app; a seated low-vision Indian lady with a phone screen reader; a VI Chinese lady attending the online training on Zoom screen.

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About Us

This co-designed web-based toolkit provides training and learning support on the use of smartphones and apps for people with vision impairment (PVI). It is a basic training guide for PVI, trainers (professionals who guide PVI to learn how to use smartphones), and Family / Support Person (including friends and caregivers).

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Co-Design Team

Project Lead

Designed and led the project

Ms Tan Hwei Lan
Singapore Institute of Technology
The University of Queensland

Guide Dogs Singapore

The following team members shared their lived experience of learning and using the smartphone and apps generously during the project team meetings and contributed greatly to the direction of the toolkit and the construction of it throughout, including content writing/editing and script writing and filming of videos in the toolkit:

Mr Au Yew Zhang Dallon
Mr Chia Hong Sen
Ms Amanda Chong
Ms Nurul Natasya Binte Idrus
Ms Sherriza Hareani Bte Jalil
Ms Ser Geok Yin (Vivian)
Ms Tan Xing En
Ms Yong Pei Yueng

Singapore Institute of Technology

Provided administrative and editing support, and contributed to content writing and editing, filming of videos and post production work on all videos in the web-based toolkit:

Ms Jacqueline Siow

The University of Queensland

Provided project consultation and helped with editing of content:

Dr Tammy Aplin
Dr Hannah Gullo
Dr Tomomi McAuliffe


The team would like to acknowledge
Mr Chew Kuan Hock
Singapore Institute of Technology – CO-LEAD
for his generous help with all the videos’ production and editing.

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